Journalist Mohammed al-Absi dies of poisoning, forensic medicine report reveals

Forensic medical report today revealed that the death of 35-year-old investigative journalist, al-Absi, was a direct result of poisoning.

According to a press statement issued today by the team assigned to pursue the death case, it turned out that the rate of carboxyhemoglobin in samples taken from al-Absi’s body was found to account for 65%, which is fatal.

In the wake of the showed results of autopsy, the Yemeni Journalists' Syndicate, human rights groups and family members demanded an inquiry into the untimely death of the top investigative journalist.

The prominent journalist’s sudden death had prompted his family, colleagues and loved ones to call for an autopsy, delaying his funeral for almost 3 weeks. Samples were taken and sent to Jordan for tests, which finally uncovered on Sunday that he died of poisoning.

It is worth mentioning that Mohammed al-Absi, who was reported to explore corrupt relations between powerful militias and prominent businessmen, was having dinner in Yemen’s rebel-held capital city, Sana’a, with his cousin in December when they suddenly started to suffer from paining and were immediately rushed to the hospital. However, Al-Absi ultimately died.

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